Vertical division of plates out of bundles

Vertical division of plates from bundles by straightening

(input: BUNDLE, output: TABLE)

If it is a customer's wish, we are able to supply vertically set plates on the dividing lines either in standard lengths, or in lengths that he sets on his own, if necessary. This helps you to set waste minimization while creating layout plans.

Thickness is between (2)3 mm and up to 16 mm.

The monthly division capacity on dividing lines is considerable (more than 4 & nbsp; 000 tons / month)




(ZSV – black, PZ, lacquered)

(ZTV – black, mordanted)

Thickness/width [mm]

min. 0,3/30

min. 1/20

max. 3/1600

max 6/1600

Note: SSC – Steel Servis Centrum FDC – Ferona dividing center





(ZSV – black, PZ, lacquered)

(ZTV – black, mordanted)

(ZTV – black, mordanted)

h/š/d [mm]

min. 0,5/300/300

min. 2/700/1500

min. 6/1000/500

max. 3/1600/4000

max. 8/2000/12 000

max. 16/2100/12 000

Note: SSCS – Steel Servis Centrum Slovakia

We are delivering zinced plates of a thickness up to 3 mm in this manner.