Integrated system of IMS management

FERONA Slovakia, a.s. is a company applying the most demanding requirements for internal and external governance standards in all its activities. The company is process-controlled and periodically controlled by a certification system according to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The integrated management systems IMS has been functioning in   a company which includes:

  • quality management system (SMK)
  • environmental system (EMS)
  • BOZP and  fire protection (OPP)
  • working ambulance services (PZS)


Company's vision is set in Policy of IMS. BOZP and information security are processed in indpendent policies – Policy BOZP and Policy IB.


Certificates ISO

By confirming that the company complies with the requirements of norm ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 is the issuance and defense of certificates, which are in the current version below:


FERONA Slovakia, a.s. is a stable and trustworthy company that provides responsible and quality access. It   is a holder of numerous seals and certificates:

"Environmentally responsible producer" Certificate

NATUR-PACK, a.s. (OZV) issued to FERONA Slovakia, a.s. an Environmentally responsible producer certificate for the year 2021.

"Creditworthy Enterprise" Seal

The Academy of Economic Information and Analysis of the Slovak Information and Marketing Company, a.s. issued the seal of Creditworthy enterprise for the period of 2022. Only 2.1% of 916,932 evaluated entities received this rating in 2022.

Seal of „Reliability"

Based on the satisfaction assessment of the contracting authorities in terms of content, quality and timeliness of the obligations arising from public procurement contracts, the Slovak information and marketing company, a.s. granted FERONA Slovakia, a.s. a Reliability seal.

Seal of „Financial stability in the small and medium-size businesses segment "

As a result of the financial stability assessment of the enterprises operating at the territory of the Slovak Republic in the SME segment, this seal has been awarded confirming the exceptional position of our company on the market, reliability in terms of payment morality, our credibility and stability.

Seal „Stable company"

On the basis of analysis and assessments of the reliability and financial health of the company since its registration in 2001, our company was awarded with the seal "Stable Slovak enterprise in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises with a tradition of more than 15 years" which confirms its stability on the market of metallurgical goods in the Slovak Republic. p>