About company

FERONA Slovakia, a.s. is a modern business company dealing with purchase, storage, processing, logistics and sales of metallurgical products, metallurgical secondary products, ferrous and non-ferrous metals on a wholesale basis.

The strategic location of business premises in the Slovak Republic (Žilina, Nitra, Košice) enables trouble-free delivery of goods to customers, whereas active personal communication with customers is ensured by regional dealers.

Unrivalled width of range of goods and  complexity of the provided services (transport to destination place, material division, but production of dregs from  plates and  concrete steel adjustment according to client's requirements on own account) are main attributes of a company FERONA Slovakia, a.s. and thanks to them it keeps its position as one of  top businesses with  metallurgical materials in Slovakia. All our selling points are modernized and  on-line connected with a unified communicative and managing system. The capacity of storehouses is 50 000 t. The roofed halls are equipped with quality crane technologies, we have our own siding management with accessories of our own twolocomotives and wagons.

Company identification

Business name: FERONA Slovakia, a.s.
Identification number: 36 401 137
Seat: Bytčická 12, 011 45 Žilina
Commencement date: 30. 9. 2001
Basic capital: 32 719 006 EUR
Company is enlisted in   the business register at District Court Žilina, section Sa, number 10315/L.


Group structure

Ferona a.s. Group structure