Burning the shape parts from plates

There are available:

  • CNC plasm for burning the plates up to thickness of 30mm,
  • CNC oxygen – natural gas,
  • CNC oxygen – acetylene for materials with larger thickness, up to 250mm,
  • CNC laser for cutting the thicker plates.

If necessary, we are able to satisfy customer requirements during separation/burning by taking the systems and data to the dregs - marking. This will be ensured in the way the customer will require (keeping a written book, electronic book, etc. stamping, marker).
As far as burning is concerned, edges grinding or burring in line with desired requirements could be agreed as well.

In terms of parts' burning, we can provide the following:

  • Incendiary plan (drawing documentation delivery in dwg, dxf or in a paper form)
  • Burning according to the delivered incendiary plan
  • Sequence of gradual supplies in case of large volumes and variety
  • Order timing
  • Canting on demand
  • Clast cleaning of dregs

Dimension tolerance and rectangularity according to STN EN ISO 9013 class B, material thickness according to STN EN 10029.