Conditions of division

Business goods' division definition:

Definition of "commercial" division and appropriate exactness

  1. At the company's offices, based on an agreement concluded when the purchase agreement is drawn up there is a service for clients to divide the purchased merchandise. Taking into account the accuracy, this kind of division is called a "business" division.
  2. Accuracy is dependent on a division type in the following manner:
  • division by cutting and chopping, tolerance of exactness: 0 + 50 mm
  • division via burning, tolerance of exactness: 0 + 100 mm

Definition of procedure during ordering the division, dealing with a business case

  1. At the conclusion of the business case, an agreement is reached in the first stage to purchase the given goods in wholesale supplied dimensions and tolerances.
  2. The second stage means an agreement on the division of the purchased merchandise, specifying the type of division, date the service is carried out and the preliminary price for the ordered service.
  3. The warehouse keeper shall perform the division according to the concluded purchase agreement and shall indicate the real scope of the service provided and the actual quantity of the goods in the respective units of measurement. Nbsp;  
  4. The billing officer will issue a tax document for the actually delivered merchandise and services related to the delivered business goods. &

Definition of a remainder after division of the business goods.

The remainder of the divided merchandise is considered to be a residual material that is smaller than the required element that appears after the ordered division and is smaller than the smallest dimension supplied from the manufacturer. The remainder after the division of circular steels - see table. The remainder is part of the delivery to the client.

Goods supplied in 12 m length apart from concrete steel of diameter up to 16 mm and bearers up to 220 mm 6 m and more
Business goods delivered in 6 m lengths, excluding circular steel diameters over 100 mm 3 m and more
Circular steels of a diameter above 100 mm 0,5 m and more
Other commercial goods non mentioned in 1.-3. without remainders

Definition of commercial goods' division that is not carried out

The following merchandising services are not provided to clients at the company's office:

  • binding material supplied in boxes
  • plates from non-corrosion steels
  • fabric in packages
  • drawn steel
  • goods which are delivered by the manufacturer in the final surface treatment by coating or sheeting (not galvanizing) and in a final shape (templates, networks, etc.)