Declaration of conformity


Introduction into topic

In connection with the accession of the Slovak Republic to the European Union, the amendment no. 134/2004 Coll. of Act no. 90/1998 Coll. on Construction Products, as amended, and Decree of MVRR SR no. 158/2004 Coll., which establishes groups of construction products with specified systems of attestation of conformity and details of use of conformity marks, as amended by Decree No. 119/2006 Coll., are entering in force.

The government is via appropriate enactments determining:

  • products which pose an increased threat to a legitimate interest (identified products that could endanger the health or safety of people, property or the environment, or other public interest),
  • technical requirements that these products have to meet in order to be launched on the market,
  • ways of marking the given products,
  • procedures to review the conformity (so called modules) dependent on technical complexity of a product and a degree of its possible threat.

Obligations of a producer/ importer:

  • to secure that the products launched on the market meet the basic requirements, usually mentioned in an attachment of the appropriate government regulation,
  • to ensure conformity assessment in accordance with the procedures laid down in the relevant government regulation,
  • to designate the product in the manner specified in the relevant government regulation (usually it is a marking of a product „CE“ and „Csk“), eventually, to issue or annex to each product a document set by the government regulation
  • to keep documentation for a specified period to the extent defined in the relevant government regulation.

The obligations of a distributor:

  • to act so that he avoids distribution of designated product that apparently does not meet legal requirements, mainly products that are not equipped with a given marking.

For a company FERONA Slovakia, a.s. is after accession of the Slovak Republic to the EU important that the conformity assessment legislation applies to launching on the market within the European Union, not only for the Slovak Republic. It is connected also with the fact that deliveries from other member states do not represent import anymore.

The construction product is marked by the CE marking by a manufacturer and the accompanying data according to the specified technical specification if the conformity with the technical specification has been demonstrated. The CE marking affirms conformity with Annex ZA of the harmonized European technical standard or with the European Technical Approval whose designation is part of a marking. The CE marking is a confirmation that a construction product is suitable for declared (intended) use in a construction with respect to the fulfillment of the essential requirements for construction within the scope of the Directive Council & amp; 89/106 / EEC on construction products, respectively law.


Technical specifications that are a basis to proceed in a process of conformity demonstration:

  • Harmonized European technical norm hEN, notified norm of the member states
  • European technical certifications ETA
  • Slovak technical norms STN
  • Technical certifications TO

Products that meet the above mentioned requirements have a guaranteed free movement within the EU. The most common proof that the specified requirements in the harmonized area are fulfilled is the "CE" markings placed on the product.

As for a non-harmonized area, it is important that after the accession of Slovakia into EU, conformity assessment is not carried out for those products that have already been legally marketed in the EU and they guarantee a corresponding degree of protection of a legitimate interest.


The company FERONA Slovakia, a.s. meets the above-mentioned legal requirements in the following manner:

If FERONA Slovakia, a.s. is a distributor it acts in order to avoid distribution of designated products, which apparently do not meet legal requirements č. 90/1998 Coll., as amended. In case of products manufactured in the Slovak Republic and supplied by domestic suppliers, it has access to documents demonstrating conformity assessment for products manufactured in EU Member States and destined for launching on the market within the EU it has FERONA Slovakia, a.s. information and proof of the assessed conformity or the product had been launched on the market legally in a different member state..

If FERONA Slovakia, a.s. is an importer (products originate from non-EU and EFTA members), issued FERONA Slovakia, a.s. an own conformity declaration in accordance with a procedure mentioned in a government regulation or it disposes of documents proving legal marketization in another EU member states. These documents provides company FERONA Slovakia, a.s. exclusively to people designated in an Act no. 264/1999 Coll., as amended.


If you require a document that proves fulfilling the designations of Act No. 69/2009 Coll. FERONA Slovakia, a.s. prepared for you to download – Assurance of FERONA Slovakia, a.s. on conformity assessment during legal marketization   within EU.

Ensure that the products launched on the market meet the requirements that are essential to ensure product safety, or other considerations that are important for a protection of the public interest. Therefore, selected products must meet these technical requirements before they are placed on the market, and their compliance must be documented by the so-called conformity assessment of the properties of these products and requirements of the technical regulations.